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1st Jul 2021

Introducing: Make the Shift with Adam Greenberg

Hi, I'm Adam Greenberg, CEO of MakeShift and host of the new podcast Make the Shift... to what you might ask? Well to being a people-first business... Because people first businesses create happy employees... and happier employees drive growth! Join me and my guests, CEOs, business leaders, movers and shakers in the HR space as we peel back the layers on what it truly means to be a people-first business and how your business can become one too.

It's going to be a bit of a fireside chat, a type of master class, and certainly loads of fun. We're going to kick things off on July 15 with Angelique Slagle, SVP & Head of SuccessFactors North America to discuss the hybrid workplace and help you build your post-pandemic plan. From there every month we'll discuss things like corporate social transformation, finding purpose, and building a workplace that gets us all excited for Mondays.

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About the Podcast

Make the Shift with Adam Greenberg
Are you ready to make the shift to a peoplefirst business? Join Adam Greenberg, CEO of MakeShift, and other industry thought leaders on their journey to discover what organizations need to create happier teams.