Episode 5

Published on:

29th Nov 2021

From Back Office to Center Stage: How Payroll & Scheduling are Enabling the Future of Work

Today, I want to change things up and shine a light on the people and the technologies that have been helping businesses adapt to the disruption we've faced in the last 23 months. And there’s been a lot of disruption hasn’t there? Vaccine mandates, remote working, labour shortages, changing workforce policies and the list goes on.

But through it all companies like AllianceHCM and people like my guest today, AllianceHCM’s President, Matt Umholtz are working diligently to make sure your business has the tools, resources, and services to keep moving forward.

I think it’s time to shed a light on how invisible functions like payroll and scheduling are not only enabling the future of work but leading the way.

It’s time to bring the back office out on center stage. Are you ready for this shift? Let’s go.


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You can find AllianceHCM at https://alliancehcm.com/ and follow Matt Umholtz at linkedin.com/in/mattumholtz

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