Episode 4

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15th Oct 2021

In the age of burnout: How humour can build a culture of resilience and keep employees engaged.

Today we’re going to talk about resilience. We as people, as businesses, as societies, and as countries have demonstrated a great deal of resilience over the last 22 months, even when it felt like we were up schitt's creek… we managed to continue to move forward, together. 

As CEO of MakeShift, a web and mobile cloud-based employee scheduling app, I have witnessed this firsthand. I am incredibly proud of how the MakeShift team stepped up to help businesses like Alberta Health Services, La Senza, Best Western, Air France, and many more improve their employee scheduling experience during the pandemic to help our essential workers on the frontlines.

I am a big believer in the idea that companies that give their employees the flexibility to work schedules that fit their lives improve employee morale and make work fun.

But, how else can we make work more fun? As businesses face a massive labour shortage and a worsening war for talent, how do businesses create a culture that improves recruitment and retention and can stand up to these new challenges?

My last guest, retired Navy Seal Commander and best-selling author of the Attributes, Rich Diviney, gave me the answer I was looking for. Do you know how the Navy Seals bond and build an everlasting culture of trust and camaraderie? They do it with humour. Yes, the Navy Seals get through some of the toughest challenges anyone could ever face with a dash of humour. 

Now, humour in the workplace is tricky.

And anyone that knows me, knows I am no expert. So, I decided to find someone who is… Today, I am incredibly excited to welcome Emmy Award-winning writer and producer of the very popular Canadian show Schitt's Creek, Michael Short on my podcast.

Ready to make the shift to a culture that keeps employees coming back? Let’s go!


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